Skrill betting sites in Illinois

In this guide, we will talk about how to deposit and withdraw money using Skrill on a sportsbook, its advantages, and disadvantages, and much more. If you were looking for online betting sites in Illinois that accept deposits and withdrawals using Skrill, we're sorry to inform you that no operator does at this moment.

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About Skrill

Skrill is a safe and quick e-wallet that is accepted by most betting sites. It is a leader in the online payment industry and has been widely preferred and chosen by different casinos and sportsbooks.

Skrill charges no withdrawal fees, and you will get your money credited to your Skrill account in real-time. From there, you can either transfer the funds to your own bank account or use the Skrill Mastercard to withdraw cash from an ATM.

How to deposit using Skrill on Illinois sports betting sites

Depositing money to an online gambling site using Skrill is an easy and straightforward process. If you still haven't made a deposit with payment option, this step-by-step guide will help you. This works for any Illinois online sports betting site that takes Skrill as a payment method.

1. Create an account on Skrill

Creating an account on Skrill will only take a few minutes of your time. First, you will need to put your name and last name.

Then, select your country and your preferred currency. You will then need to provide a valid email address that your use because you will need to confirm it and set a password.

2. Fund your Skrill wallet

To fund your Skrill wallet you will need to link your Skrill account to your bank account. To do so, you will need to find on your Skrill account the option “Cards and Bank Accounts” and then click it.

You will see a purple button that says 'Add Bank Account'. To finish, enter your bank account details and click the other purple button 'Add account and continue'. Then, fund whatever amount of money you want into your Skrill account.

3. Register for a sportsbook in Illinois that accepts Skrill and deposit

There are lots of online sportsbooks in Illinois to choose from that accept Skrill deposits. After you choose a preferred betting site, sign up as a new user there. Create a username and password and then verify your email. After you finish creating the new account, complete a Skrill deposit sum.

Visit the casino’s banking section and search for Skrill. Then, choose it as your preferred deposit method. Select the amount you wish to deposit into your betting account. As the last step, verify your Skrill transaction and finalize your deposit.

Withdrawing your winnings to Skrill

The process of withdrawing money from your betting account is simple and quick too, but withdrawals are not as instantaneous as deposits. If you are a VIP member of a betting site though, you can be rewarded with quicker timescales.

1. Withdraw the money to your Skrill wallet

The first thing to do when wanting to withdraw money from a betting site to your Skrill account is to check your eligibility. Log in to your betting account and verify whether you are eligible to make a withdrawal or not.

If you live in the United States, you will also have to verify your age. Then, you will need to claim your withdrawals. Click on ‘Withdrawals’ on your betting account. Claim one or more withdrawals and put the amount you want to withdraw.

Then, enter your email address. KYC and ID verification will be required to make a withdrawal, just like in an international bank transfer. Click on ‘Continue’ or 'Claim'. All you have to do now is to wait for your funds to be collected.

2. Ways to withdraw from your Skrill account:

Now that your hard-earned money from your betting account have arrived in your Skrill account, it is time to withdraw them too.

You can withdraw money from your e-wallet to your bank account, or you can use your Skrill Mastercard to withdraw from ATM. Also, you can even buy cryptocurrencies using Skrill.

To request a withdrawal you have to log in to your Skrill Account and select your preferred withdrawal method and then enter the amount to be withdrawn. To withdraw money from Skrill to your bank account, go to 'Send'.

There choose the 'Send money to a bank account' option. Select your currency and country and enter the desired amount you're sending. Fill in your bank information and complete all the other details.

Advantages and disadvantages of this e-Wallet

Skrill, like any other transaction method, has its own pros and cons of using it. Of course, it has more advantages than disadvantages, but we can't overlook the cons of it too.


  • Your personal card & bank account is held private. Skrill has high security standards and is a totally safe electronic wallet. It is in compliance with the Payment Card Industry security standard and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It does everything to keep your personal information and money safe.
  • Skrill Mastecard. Skrill offers its own prepaid card which is issued under a license from Visa Inc. It can be used to access the money in your Skrill Account. It can be used at any location that displays the Visa acceptance mark. This includes restaurants, shops, telephone, etc. This virtual card can be used only where a physical one is not required.
  • Secure and fast transactions. Transactions made with this payment operator are pretty fast. If you are transferring money from a Skrill account to another one or if you are transferring domestic payments, they will take a very short amount of time. Meanwhile, international transfers will usually take 2 to 3 business days, but that's not a lot either. Skrill also will refund you for failed transfers, and you will see your money back in your digital wallet in 1 to 2 business days.


  • Withdrawal fee. When withdrawing from Skrill to your bank account, there are some fees applied that depend on where you are transferring the money. If you are transferring your money to a bank account, a 5.5 euro fee is applied. If you are transferring money to Neteller you will have to pay 3.49 % of the money amount as a fee and for the transfers to Visa card a 3.99% fee.
  • Not accepted by all sportsbooks. We said that Skrill is accepted by most sportsbooks but not by all of them. Of course, it has a very good rate of acceptance, but unlike Visa or Mastercard, it is not available at every single sports betting site.

Skrill verification process

Verifying your account on Skrill will also give you some benefits like higher transaction limits and new features. First, you need to log into your account. Second, you have to go to the 'Settings' and then to the 'Verification'. Thirdly, you have to complete the verification process. You will need your ID card, passport, or driver's license and proof of address that is issued in the past three months.

After you submit one of them, just wait for your account verification. After some days you can check if your account is verified by navigating to 'Limits & Verification' in the 'Settings'. For further details, you can see document links that are provided in the Verification section.

VIP program

Skrill VIP Program will give you access to daily perks and experiences that are exclusive only for members. You will be eligible for lower fees as the more you will use Skrill, the fewer fees you will have to pay. You will also enjoy higher transaction limits and priority bank uploads.

Skrill also offers a customer service staff that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for its VIP members. You will get all the necessary support from them in case you face any technical problems or issues. They have a dedicated help desk, and for the Gold members and above, there is also a personal account manager option.

VIP users can benefit from the special tournaments and the chance to attend worldwide festivals and sports matches including football, basketball, or cricket. If make transactions that are equal to or more than €15,000, you will qualify automatically for the VIP status, and you will become a VIP user.

The benefits a VIP user gets vary depending on your level. For transactions equal to €15,000 or more you are eligible for a Silver Level Membership. For transactions equal to €45,000 or more you are eligible for a Gold Level Membership. For transactions equal to €90,000 or more, you will be eligible for a Diamond Level Membership.


Which sportsbooks in Illinois accept Skrill?

No sportsbook in Illinois accepts Skrill at this moment. We will update this page whenever an operator decides to include Skrill as a payment option.

What fees does Skrill charge?

You will not be charged any fee to withdraw money from your betting account to your Skrill account but if you want to withdraw money from your Skrill account you will have to pay some fees that vary by where you are transferring the money.

Is it safe to use Skrill on sportsbooks in Illinois?

Skrill is a totally safe and secure e-wallet to use on sportsbooks in Illinois. This payment operator is regulated by financial authorities and is in compliance with industry standards of security.