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Fairmount Park, the sole racetrack outside of Chicago in Illinois, has embarked on a promising journey of transformation.

In 2020, the track entered into a partnership with the esteemed sportsbook giant, FanDuel. Consequently, the venue now operates under the distinguished FanDuel name and proudly houses a remarkable retail sports betting facility alongside its captivating race days.

However, this is just the beginning of Fairmount Park's ambitious vision. The Collinsville-based venue aspires to evolve into a captivating "Racino," seamlessly combining exhilarating turf events with a captivating gaming hall.

While progress has been relatively gradual since the proposal emerged in 2020, once Fairmount secures a casino partner, gamblers residing near the Illinois/Missouri border can anticipate an exceptional new gaming experience.

About Fairmount Park in Illinois

Since its inauguration in 1925, Fairmount Park has stood proudly just across the river from St. Louis. Inspired by the iconic Churchill Downs, the legendary host of the world-renowned Kentucky Derby, this one-mile dirt oval track has always been at the forefront of innovation.

In 1947, Fairmount Park pioneered nighttime racing by installing lights, becoming the first track in the state to offer evening events. At its zenith, the track hosted races on over 230 days throughout the year, captivating racing enthusiasts.

However, the emergence of legal casinos in Illinois had an impact on the horse racing industry in America. Attendance at race meetings declined, leading to a reduction in the annual schedule to just 90 days, with harness racing eventually ceasing entirely.

Additionally, a proposal to introduce slot machines on-site was rejected by state lawmakers, which ultimately halted a 2007 endeavor to construct a 20,000-seat arena at the venue.

Fortunately, there is a renewed sense of optimism today. The 2020 partnership with FanDuel has streamlined the sports betting operations at Fairmount Park. Alongside the live racing program, the rebranded FanDuel Sportsbook and Racing facility offers simulcast wagering on races from various locations across the United States.

The presence of a retail sportsbook has further enhanced the offerings at the venue, while two-course restaurants, namely Top of the Turf and the First Turn café, tantalize visitors with enticing dining options.

Fairmount Park stands poised to embrace its promising future, combining the thrill of live racing with a captivating gaming experience for all who venture through its doors.

Can I bet on sports at Fairmount Park?

Yes. Fairmount Park offers on-site sports betting through its collaboration with FanDuel. The physical Illinois sportsbook operates seven days a week, providing avid sports enthusiasts with a remarkable platform to place their bets.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the sports bar, while watching live action unfold on the captivating TV screens.

Fairmount Park partnership with FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook, a prominent leader in the US sports betting market, forged a compelling sponsorship agreement with Fairmount Park in 2020.

This substantial multi-million dollar agreement resulted in the renaming of Fairmount Park to FanDuel Sportsbook and Racing, underscoring the shared commitment to delivering an exceptional sports betting experience.

As a testament to their dedication, a state-of-the-art retail sportsbook was swiftly introduced, captivating racing enthusiasts. Among the eagerly anticipated highlights was the revival of the St. Louis Derby, a prestigious race that had been temporarily suspended since 2006, igniting renewed excitement among racing aficionados.

How to place a bet on horses at Fairmount Park in Illinois

Placing your first bet at Fairmount Park is an accessible and exciting experience. To help you navigate the process with confidence, here's a comprehensive guide:

  1. Track selection: Determine the track you wish to bet on. On race days, the live-action in Collinsville is a popular choice. However, on simulcast days, you have the opportunity to select from a wide array of turf actions taking place across the nation.
  2. Choosing the race and setting the stake: Before delving into the betting action, it's advisable to establish your maximum stake in advance. This will help you maintain control of your wagers. Depending on your preference, you may opt to place a substantial bet on a single event or distribute smaller bets across multiple races. Once you've set your stake, proceed to select the specific race you wish to bet on.
  3. Selecting the wager type: Fairmount Park offers a diverse range of wagering options. The simplest and most straightforward is the win market, where you select the horse you believe will emerge victorious. Alternatively, you can explore place betting, which increases your chances of winning as your chosen horse only needs to finish in the top three positions. For enthusiasts seeking more challenge and potential rewards, options like exactas (predicting the top two horses in order), trifectas (predicting the top three horses in order), or superfectas (predicting the top four horses in order) are available. While these bets require careful consideration, they can yield substantial returns if successful.
  4. Horse selection: The process of choosing a horse is subjective and varies among bettors. Some rely on insider tips from connections within the stables, while others meticulously study factors such as form and breeding. For those seeking a more light-hearted approach, selecting a horse based on an amusing or risque name can add an element of fun to the experience. Remember, regardless of your strategy, the primary goal is to enjoy the thrill of the event.
  5. Placing your bet: Once you've made your selection, proceed to any of the on-course betting booths. Inform the attendant about the wager you wish to place and provide them with your stake. It's crucial to retain your betting slip securely, as it serves as proof of your wager and enables you to claim any potential winnings.

With this step-by-step guide, you can confidently engage in the exhilarating world of Illinois horse race betting at Fairmount Park.

Which sports can I bet on at Fairmount Park?

FanDuel is one of America's leading sportsbook operators. It offers a vast range of markets for almost every sport you can imagine. Whatever your passion, you can bet on it here. Some of the most popular sports for bettors at Fairmount include:

  • Horse racing. The clear first choice. Fairmount stages three race meetings a week during the racing season from April to October. In the off-season and on non-race days, simulcast betting from meetings elsewhere is always on offer. Getting together with your buddies for a few beers, a few bets, and some high-class action on the track is always a popular day out.
  • Football. NFL fans suffered a big blow in 2015 when the Rams moved from St. Louis to Los Angeles. That didn't necessarily halt the interest in betting on the sport, although it may have persuaded some gamblers to start staking against the Rams. Even without a local favorite, football remains a huge betting draw. With so many markets in every aspect of every game, there is something for everyone. And such a data-rich sport gives fans a chance to geek out in search of an edge over the bookies.
  • Soccer. The world's most popular team sport, soccer has a global reach. The imminent arrival of St. Louis City in the MLS can only boost the game's profile among gamblers in this part of Illinois. Meanwhile, the upcoming 2026 FIFA World Cup in the USA, Mexico, and Canada should increase interest. For many fans, though, the top European leagues are the ones to bet on as internationally renowned clubs from Manchester to Madrid compete for top honors.
  • Golf. From recreational hackers to top pros on the PGA tour, golf casts a spell on millions of players. Illinois has its own stake in golfing history: Tiger Woods won his first PGA title at Medinah in 1999, and the same course hosted the 2012 Ryder Cup. Today's golf is a year-round game, with opportunities to bet on action from all over the world. But when the major tournaments are in full swing, that's the time to look out for special offers at the bookmakers.
  • Basketball. Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls put professional basketball on the Illinois sporting map in fine style with their dominant 1990s dynasty, and the sport's popularity continues to boom. It's a lucrative business, and its players are the best-paid athletes on the planet. And, where there's money, there's gambling. Basketball betting, whether the NBA or the NCAA's March Madness, is a staple of every sportsbook. You can back your team or bet on the performance of your favorite player to add spice to every night of the season.

Other forms of entertainment

Fairmount Park's management is committed to revitalizing this esteemed venue by offering more than just the traditional race day activities.

They have curated a range of exciting experiences to cater to diverse preferences and create unforgettable memories for visitors.

Friday Night Party in the Park

Imagine combining the thrill of racing with an enticing evening ambiance. Fairmount Park introduces Friday night meetings that transform into lively festivities.

Live music fills the air, while affordable beer options and a value-packed buffet tantalize the taste buds. This unique cocktail of entertainment guarantees an enjoyable experience at an unbeatable price.

Tuesday's Horse Hooky Promotion

For those seeking midweek excitement, Fairmount Park presents the Horse Hooky promo on Tuesdays. Attend the afternoon meet and indulge in special offers on beer and hotdogs.

It's the perfect way to break away from the routine and immerse yourself in an afternoon of exhilarating horse racing action.

Culinary delights

Fairmount Park understands the importance of satisfying culinary cravings during your visit. The venue boasts a selection of on-site eateries to cater to various dining preferences. Top of the Turf is the premier choice, offering luxurious sky boxes that afford panoramic views of the entire track.

On the third floor, you'll find a lounge and a non-smoking cafe where you can follow the racing action on TV while enjoying delectable dishes. For those seeking a vibrant atmosphere, the Black Stallion Room on the second floor serves as the epicenter of the Friday Night Party in the Park.

Additionally, the trackside First Turn Cafe offers a laid-back vibe and convenient table service. Opening times for these dining establishments may vary, but rest assured, whenever you visit, you'll find a welcoming place to savor a satisfying meal.

Contact & opening hours

Address: 9301 Collinsville Rd, Collinsville, IL 62234
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10am-11pm; Saturday 8am-12am; Sunday 8am-11pm.
Website: fairmountpark.com
Phone number: 618-345-4300


Can I stay in any hotels close to Fairmount Park?

Yes, you can stay in hotels close to Fairmount Park. Although there is no on-site accommodation at the racecourse, there are several hotels around the nearby Collinsville Aqua Park, close to the intersection of Interstate 55 and I-255.

Who is the owner of Fairmount Park Illinois?

William Stiritz Associates is the company that owns Fairmount Park. In November 2020, the venue announced a partnership with FanDuel and added to their brand with FanDuel Sportsbook and Horse Racing.

Is it free to enter Fairmount Park?

No, it is not free to enter Fairmount Park. Race day admission starts at $1.50 on Tuesdays or $2.50 at weekends. This is still very cheap compared to other race tracks around the US, and you get a lot of value for the admission fee.