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IL Betting is on a mission to make sports betting in Illinois transparent and understandable for everyone. We provide the latest news, expert reviews, and in-depth guides on everything there is to know about sports wagering in Prairie State.

We are an independent source of information, not controlled by any betting operator. All of our guides and reviews are created by experts with first-hand knowledge, with the aim to improve player experience and make gambling fairer to anyone who wants to participate.

How we help bettors in Illinois

Using our website, bettors in Illinois can find useful information about:

  • The legal status of sports betting: We provide updated and accurate information regarding the legal situation of gambling in Illinois.
  • Latest news: Get the latest announcements and happenings regarding sports wagering in the Land of Lincoln.
  • Sportsbook reviews: Read independent and honest reviews about the most popular sportsbooks in Illinois.
  • Bonus offers & promotions: Find unique bonuses and promotions from the state's leading betting operators.
  • In-depth guides & tools: Use our in-depth guides and intelligent tools to make better decisions when betting on sports.

Meet the team behind IL Betting

Get to know the individuals working to make IL Betting the best resource for sports betting in the state of Illinois. Interested in joining the team? Check out our careers page for open positions.

Brian Cass

Brian Cass

Brian Cass is a sports betting expert and author at IL Betting. His writing spans the realm of sports betting across the nation, concurrently spotlighting the most recent updates in Illinois' gambling landscape. When not immersed in his writing, he enjoys following the NFL.

Dan Bradley

Dan Bradley

Dan Bradley is a researcher and author at IL Betting. Dan is a seasoned sports betting expert with a professional background in Junior hockey. Leveraging his first-hand knowledge of the game, he has dedicated his career to demystifying the world of sports betting.

Johnny Covers

Johnny Covers

Johnny Covers is a sports betting expert and author at IL Betting. With nearly ten years of experience in the field, he has gained a reputation for his adept handicapping skills. Throughout his career, Johnny has contributed his knowledgeable perspectives to several well-known sports and betting publications, including All-In Magazine, Blitz Predict, FantasyPros, Betting Pros, Sportsbook Review, Golf Monthly, and OddsChecker.

Phil Naessens

Phil Naessens

Phil Naessens serves as an editor and sports betting expert at IL Betting. He spent more than 30 years as a professional tennis coach and has published four books about sports betting. Phil also hosts podcasts like This Week in Tennis and The Phil Naessens Show. His betting predictions has been featured at websites like Covers and Winners & Whiners.


Andy Quach

Andy Quach

Andy Quach lends his expertise to IL Betting as a contributor. Holding a Journalism degree from Florida Gulf Coast University, Andy takes pride in his alma mater. With a fervent passion for sports, he has forged a successful path as a sports writer. His insightful articles and analyses have garnered attention on prominent websites including Rip City Project and Sir Charles in Charge, to name a few.

Gary Garry

Gary Garry

Gary Garry is a contributing editor and author at IL Betting. Gary has lent his expertise to platforms like Gambling.com, Sports Betting Forum, Doc’s Sports, GamblingSites.com, Crossing Broad, AM New York, Elite Sports New York, Saturday Down South, and Mile High Sports, among other notable websites. Additionally, with a solid 15-year background in legal research, Gary is adept at keeping abreast of regulatory shifts in the sports betting industry.

John Brennan

John Brennan

John Brennan is a contributing writer at IL Betting. John has been covering US sports and gambling since 2002 and his work has been featured on national websites like SportsHandle and USBets. He was also a Pulitzer Prize Finalist for Local Reporting in 2008.

Justin Koch

Justin Koch

Justin Koch is a contributing writer at IL Betting. With a wealth of experience under his belt, Justin specializes in breaking down complex betting trends and statistics, offering clear and insightful guidance to readers across the spectrum of sports betting.

Responsible gambling advocacy

We are deeply committed to promoting responsible gambling practices among our users. We understand that gambling should be enjoyed as a form of entertainment and should never become a source of harm.

Therefore, we actively encourage our users to gamble responsibly and provide them with valuable resources, information, and tools to support their well-being. We advocate for setting limits, practicing self-control, and seeking help if gambling begins to negatively impact one's life.

To learn more, read our resource about responsible gambling in Illinois.

Advertising disclosure

We are an independent company that is not directly affiliated with any sports betting operator. However, we may receive financial compensation from some of the operators when you visit their website.

The compensation we receive does not under any circumstances affect the services you are offered, e.g. fees, bonus promotions, or odds.

Company information

ILBetting.com is owned and operated by Ribacka Media AB, a Swedish company with more than 10 years of experience in creating consumer-first sports betting guides on the internet.

The company consists of experts with a deep knowledge of the industry and the aim is to make sports betting transparent, accessible, and enjoyable to anyone.

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To get in touch with us, send an email to [email protected]. We aim to respond to all incoming inquiries within 24 hours.

How come you can offer unique bonuses?

We can provide unique bonuses from Illinois sportsbooks since we have created a platform that reaches many people, and this makes the operators want to stand out from their competition. By comparing betting sites and making them compete with each other, we help new players get the best possible offer when signing up for a new sportsbook.