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Illinois online casino bonuses

Illinois online casinos are surely next up on the state’s legislature docket. When that day arrives, online casinos across the state will be offering online bonuses for all new customers. Let’s take a closer look at what you should expect when it comes to Illinois online casino bonuses on day one.

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Despite the state embracing online sports betting, horse racing, and even forms of their lottery, legislation has yet to pass for Illinois online casinos. With those laws set to pass as soon as 2024, the day appears to be just around the corner as Illinois-based gamblers wait with bated breath.

When they do, eventually, go online, you should be prepared with all of the information ready to pounce on the most lucrative Illinois casino bonuses available.

Best Illinois casino bonuses

Though not yet legal, we anticipate a range of enticing offers from welcome bonuses to loyalty rewards. The table below previews what's to come, offering a glimpse into the future of the best Illinois online casino bonuses.

🎰 DraftKings Casino IL 💰 Play $5 Get $100 in Casino Credits
🎰 BetRivers Casino IL 💰 100% Deposit Match Up To $250
🎰 Caesars Palace Casino IL 💰 100% Deposit Match Up To $2500
🎰 FanDuel Casino IL 💰 $1,000 Play It Again Bonus + 50 Bonus Spins
🎰 BetMGM Casino IL 💰 100% Deposit Match Up To $1000

Are Illinois online casino bonuses available?

No, Illinois online casino bonuses are not yet available, as legislation has not yet passed in the state to permit online casinos. Based on what we have observed in other states, including many surrounding states, we can make some assumptions about what kind of Illinois online casino bonuses will be available.

When Illinois online casinos do go live, likely sometime in 2024 or early 2025, be sure to check back here at ILBetting.com to claim the best bonuses the new industry has to offer. Continue reading for more of what to expect.

How to claim an Illinois online casino promo

Though we may still be a few months (or years) away from legal Illinois online casinos, you should be ready to pounce on them when the day comes. Here is a detailed guide of what to expect and how to claim an Illinois online casino promos when the day does arrive.

  1. Get Bonus: Your first step should be coming back to IL Betting for the latest Illinois online casino reviews and bonus offers. Depending on the Illinois online casino bonus you choose, click on the “Get Bonus” button associated to be automatically redirected to the site. By using that link, the best Illinois online casino bonus that the site has to offer will automatically be applied to your account.
  2. Login Credentials: When you do get redirected to the online casino of your choice, it will take you directly to the initial sign-up page. You’ll be asked to provide your desired login information such as email address, username,e and password.
  3. Legal Information: Once your login credentials are set up, the Illinois online casino will ask you for your pertinent legal information. This information will include, but not be limited to, your first and last name, phone number, home address, and the last four digits of your social security number.
  4. Agree to terms: All online casinos in Illinois will have terms and conditions and privacy policies put in place, with all varying to some degree. Check all of the required boxes, and opt-in for any optional policies you desire to receive notifications for such as upcoming promos and more.
  5. Deposit money: When Illinois online casinos officially launch, each will have its own set of payment options for you to transact on the site. Pick the payment option that best suits your needs, and deposit funds into your account. If you do decide to take advantage of the welcome bonus, make sure your initial deposit meets any terms and conditions required to qualify for it.

Which online casino bonuses will be available in Illinois?

For those Illinois residents familiar with the types of bonuses that the numerous legal sportsbooks offer, online casinos that launch in the state will be no different, except for the terminology. Let’s dive into a few of the different types of online casino bonuses that will be available in Illinois once the sites go live.

  • Sign-Up Bonus: Just as the name suggests, this is a bonus that you receive at sign-up, only available when registering for a new account. Also referred to as a welcome bonus, online casinos in Illinois offer these types of bonuses to entice players to sign up for accounts with them. While there are varying kinds of welcome bonuses available to new players at online casinos, they most often credit your account with bonus funds, not redeemable for cash until they wagered with a number of times.
  • Deposit Match Bonus: Another type of bonus is an Illinois deposit match bonus, where an Illinois online casino will match your initial deposit with site credit. As an example, a 100% deposit match up to $1,000 will give you up to $1,000 in site credit, depending on the amount you deposit. Most often these types of bonuses only apply to your first deposit, but in some cases, it may be your first 2-3 bonuses.
  • Reload Bonus: Though they often aren’t as generous in terms of the percentages as the initial deposit match, reload bonuses reward players for putting money into their account following their initial deposit. Some Illinois online casino bonuses of this type might be applicable only on certain days and are viewed as a form of loyalty bonus for players who play at their site often.
  • Free Spins: Also referred to as extra spins or free cash spins, free spins are available in some video slot games, and allow you to play them with no money risk. Free spins can be offered on initial welcome offers, as well as recurring deposits, depending on the Illinois online casino’s bonus cadence.
  • High Roller Bonus: Customers who spend a lot of money are royalty at online casinos, and Illinois online casino bonuses will likely offer something special for them. These types of bonuses often come with rewards that come even outside of the online casino, such as tickets to special events and experiences, or even trips.

Pros and cons of IL online casino bonuses

As with anything, there will certainly be pros and cons of IL online casino bonuses when they become available in the coming years. Let’s take a look at a few things to consider before getting involved.


  • Free bonus bets: When taking advantage of IL online casino bonuses, you’ll receive some form of site credit that is risk-free. If you lose them, no sweat, but if you win, those funds can turn into cash when the requirements are met.
  • Trying out the site: Even if you don’t win with those funds, you’ll be able to at least try games out and get the overall feel of the site. IL online casino bonuses can be a great way to find the game for you, to eventually play with real money.
  • Volume IL online casino bonuses: Because more than a few IL online casinos are likely to go live at once, each will be competing with one another to offer the customers bonuses likely to entice them.


  • Rollover requirements: For those unfamiliar with online casino bonuses, almost all of them have some form of rollover requirement. Essentially, what this means is you must bet with those bonus funds received multiple times for them to convert to cash. For example, if the rollover requirement is 10x, and you receive $10 in bonus funds, you must bet that $10 at least to $100 without losing it to convert to withdrawable funds.
  • Problem gambling: As with anything else, online casinos require discipline and to not get carried away. By accepting multiple Illinois online casino bonuses, the temptation could be there to use all the accounts often. Just make sure you walk away when you begin losing more than you can afford or are comfortable with. Check out our page on Illinois responsible gambling for advice on how to avoid it.

Should I claim bonuses on offshore online casinos in Illinois?

No, you should never claim bonuses on offshore online casinos in Illinois. While it may be tempting, especially because you have access to them today, the potential rewards are not worth the risks for multiple reasons.

For starters, unlike Illinois online casinos, which will be fully monitored and regulated by the Illinois Gaming Board, offshore online casinos have no such jurisdiction. As the name implies, offshore online casinos are located “offshore” of the continental United States, and as such, have no responsibility to adhere to any form of federal or state regulation that can protect you.

Furthermore, if and when issues do arrive, the offshore online casinos have no obligation to honor your funds or wagers made while using the site. If something were to happen to the site itself, such as going out of business or falling under criminal investigation in their place of business, you as an American citizen have no recourse to get your funds back.


Will online casino bonuses in Illinois be worth it?

Yes, online casino bonuses in Illinois will be worth it, as they will give bonus bets to play with on the site simply for signing up. Be sure to be aware of all the terms and conditions for the bonus you accept, before agreeing to it.

Will Illinois online casino bonuses be safe?

Yes, because they will be regulated and monitored by the Illinois Gaming Board, Illinois online casino bonuses will be extremely safe.

Which online casinos could offer bonuses in Illinois?

While it is not yet known, as there are no online casinos legal yet in Illinois, it is safe to assume that every online casino that launches in Illinois will offer some form of bonus.