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Deposit match bonus in Illinois

If you enjoy gambling, you have definitely come across the term deposit match bonus. Since online sportsbooks became legal in Illinois, they all try to give new players the best possible welcome offers. On this page, you'll find all information you need on deposit match bonuses in Illinois.

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The deposit match bonus is one of the most generous and juicy ones, as it gives you extra free money to play your favorite games and bets.

However, each online gambling platform in Illinois has different rules and requirements applied to their bonuses. Therefore, it is crucial that you always pay attention to the wagering requirements of each gambling website, which we will analyze below.

What is a deposit match bonus?

A deposit match bonus is a sportsbook promo you get when you make your first deposit where the betting operator matches your deposit up to a percentage.

For instance, if you deposit $100, and the sportsbook matches 50%, it means that it will grant you $50. Thus, your total balance will be $150 available for you to play.

Different types of matched deposit bonuses in IL

There are different types of deposit match bonuses available on sports betting sites in Illinois. The two most common ones are the first deposit match bonus and the reload deposit match bonus.

First deposit match bonus

The first deposit match bonus is redeemable only for your first deposit, which is also called a sports betting sign-up bonus.

That is you make a deposit, and then you get a match of a specific percentage. The deposit can be either an amount you chose or specified by the sportsbook or casino. Moreover, the matching percentage is particular. It usually ranges from 50% to 100% of your deposit.

Reload deposit match bonus

The reload deposit match bonus is a treat for existing customers. In simple words, you get a matched deposit bonus when you reload your account with new funds. Most of the time, the reload percentage is 100%, meaning that if you deposit $200, with the bonus you will get $400.

Common deposit match bonus amounts

There are various amounts of a deposit match bonus. These depend exclusively on what online sportsbooks offer at this moment. The most common amounts are the following:

  • 50% matched deposit bonus: If you deposit 100$, you will get 50$ extra.
  • 100% matched deposit bonus: If you deposit 100$, you will get 100$ extra.
  • 200% matched deposit bonus: If you deposit 100$, you will get 200$ extra.

How to claim a matched deposit bonus in Illinois

There are two simple steps you need to follow in order to claim a deposit match bonus in any online sportsbook in Illinois. You first have to choose the offer you want to claim and then make a deposit.

1. Choose your offer

You can find the best matched deposit bonuses in Illinois on this page. We update the site daily in order to give you the latest sportsbook promo codes and bonuses. Look through all offers we list and choose the one that suits you best.

You should also take into account the requirements that a bonus always comes with, as they are different from one betting site to another.

2. Make a deposit

Last but not least, follow our links in order to claim the matched bonus and make a deposit. The amount depends on the requirements, you may or may not have a minimum limit. In most cases there is a $10 or $20 minimum deposit.

Once you've made your deposit your balance will immediately reflect what you deposited, including the matched deposit bonus.

Regarding terms & conditions

As abovementioned, when it comes to a deposit match bonus in Illinois, there are a few terms and conditions that you need to meet in order to get it.

In Illinois, every sportsbook has different rules that apply to their match deposit bonuses, and below you can read more about how they work.

Wagering requirements

Most matched deposit bonuses comes with wagering requirements. This is a condition that applies to the bonus amount that you have claimed and represents the number of times you have to wager the bonus before you can withdraw it.

For example, if a 100$ bonus has a wager requirement of 10 times (10x), it means you have to wager atleast 1000$ before you are eligible to withdraw your winnings.

Maximum deposit

A common term for a deposit match bonus is the maximum deposit limit. That is in order to claim the deposit match bonus, you are not allowed to deposit more money than what the online gambling site in Illinois accepts. For instance, if the maximum deposit is $500, you cannot deposit $501 and redeem the bonus. The deposit amount needs to be exact.

Minimum deposit

The minimum deposit condition is even more common than the previous one. It means that you have to deposit a specific minimum amount, not whatever you like.

If the minimum deposit term requires $20, and you deposit less than that, you will not get the bonus. The usual minimum deposit limit is $10 and $20.

Maximum withdrawal

This is a term very common in all online sports betting sites, and it is common in the state of Illinois too. It means that you cannot withdraw more than what the gambling website allows you to.

So, if you win $10,000 but the maximum withdrawal is $7,000, you will have to split your withdrawal into two parts. Furthermore, the maximum withdrawal has another limit, which is the amount of money you can withdraw per day, week, or even month.

So, never forget to check this term before choosing your bonus and making your deposit. It would not feel good to win a lot of money and not be able to enjoy it at once.

Eligible games or bets

Like with all the aforementioned conditions, this one refers to most of the bonuses, not just the deposit match bonus. In any case, you may have to redeem the deposit match bonus only in specific games or specific bets.

For example, the bonus may allow you to place bets only in the NFL matches, or on specific races of horse racing. Or, you may have to place any bet but on a very specific date and time.

It is another detail, that is very important, and you must lookout for it. If you do not, you might end up getting a bonus that you will not use, or worse, you will have to use it on something that you have no interest in at all.


Why does betting sites in IL offer deposit match bonuses?

A deposit match bonus is an effective way to attract new players into signing up or to keep existing ones and make them keep betting.

Can I withdraw winnings from a matched deposit bonus?

Yes, you can withdraw winnings from a deposit match bonus. However, most matched deposit bonuses comes with a wagering requirement that you need to fulfill before making a withdrawal. Make sure that you carefully read the terms and conditions before you claim any bonus.