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A Closer Look At Swintt - An Innovative Casino Gaming Solution

Read our interview with David Mann, CEO of Swintt.

Image: Swintt.com

In the simplest possible terms – what is Swintt?

Swintt is an innovative and award-winning B2B software studio with a firm focus on creating unique content that appeals to the broadest cross-section of customers possible.

In 2022, we were named winners of the “Innovation In Mobile” category at the EGR B2B Awards in recognition of our efforts to provide exciting, mobile-first products to customers in regulated markets across the globe, but we also endeavour to adhere to the familiar interfaces and user-friendly game mechanics of popular titles found in land-based casinos in our SwinttPremium range.

While we offer both modern and classic slots, table games and live casino titles, Swintt is also well-known in the industry for its ground-breaking SwinttStudios program, which offers third-party software studios the opportunity to develop and distribute games within the existing Swintt framework.

We use our marketing and technical know-how to help smaller developers release titles in the markets they need to be seen while also providing unique content to the end user.

What is your USP?

While innovation is definitely a hallmark of the Swintt brand, the thing that truly makes us unique is the fact that we already boast a diverse and varied line-up of games that’s capable of appealing to customers in a broad range of markets.

To achieve this, we divide our slot titles into two primary categories – SwinttPremium slots and SwinttGames.

Titles in the former category are what you might term “classic” slots, in that they combine familiar symbols and sounds with simple, easy-to-trigger bonus features; mirroring the experience provided by popular land-based slot machines.

These games have proven incredibly popular in markets like Germany and the Netherlands, where players largely prefer a more traditional online gaming experience, but for younger, emerging markets, our SwinttGames provide an exciting alternative.

Characterized by their state-of-the-art graphics, engaging themes, and unique bonus mechanics, these games are the go-to option for the “next generation” of player and have provided us with huge hits like the popular Xtra series title, Aloha Spirit XtraLockTM.

Tell us about your team – how does the recruiting process differ from other companies?

Although we’ve only been active for a relatively short space of time, Swintt has already assembled an amazing team of industry experts with countless years of iGaming experience between them.

This strong level of talent runs all the way from our C-Level executives through to our designers, developers and account managers and is really reflected in the quality of both the products and the service we provide.

In terms of how our recruiting process differs from other companies, there are two things that spring to mind.

The first is that although we’ve enjoyed tremendous success over the past three years, we don’t try to grow purely for growth’s sake and instead only seek to acquire talent that we think will add real value to the business as we expand organically.

Secondly, I think the company culture at Swintt is vitally important and we look to work with people who really mesh with our values and project our core message of promoting online casino as an entertainment in a safe and sustainable way.

What can we expect to see from Swintt in a 5-10 year horizon?

In an industry that evolves as quickly as iGaming, five to ten years is a very long time, so making accurate predictions is often difficult.

What we can say is that we’ll remain true to our guiding principles of innovation and mass market appeal and continue to try and remain ahead of the competition from a product perspective as we look to expand into further jurisdictions.

In the shorter term, we have a very good strategy in place for the next three years, which will see us continue to develop unique, diverse content while also increasing the number of providers that are available via our SwinttStudios program.

Naturally, we want Swintt products to feature in as many regulated markets as possible, so we’ll continue to acquire all the necessary licensing and certification that’s needed to ensure our games get seen by new players around the globe.

In the markets where our games are certified, we’ll look to partner with the biggest and best online casino brands and we certainly hope to make major in-roads into markets like the U.S. and Canada in the near future.

What do you see as the biggest obstacle the industry as a whole is working to overcome?

From a B2B perspective, the biggest obstacle is obviously the ever-growing level of competition and the sheer amount of games that are coming out each month.

As markets become increasingly saturated with providers pushing new content, it becomes harder and harder to ensure that your titles not only offer something genuinely unique, but also receive the marketing and exposure that they need in order to not get lost in the crowd. From an industry-wide perspective, however, I’d say the biggest obstacle is – and will continue to be – regulations.

As I said before, Swintt is a firm believer in responsible gaming and we want to be present in as many regulated markets as possible, but sometimes the regulators can miss the point when it comes to protecting players.

If they’re too heavy-handed in their restrictions, they may create an environment where the players grow frustrated and look for ways to go around the regulated casinos. This can lead to them playing unlicensed games at unlicensed sites, so it’s vital to have an open dialogue so that a good balance can be struck.

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