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Justin Fields: Inspiring Generosity and Giving Back to the Community

From his high school days to his college career, Fields has consistently strived to overcome hurdles and prove himself. Moreover, his compassion and dedication to giving back to the community have made him an inspiration to many. In this article, we will explore Fields' journey, his recent act of kindness towards a hospitalized fan, and his ongoing efforts to make a positive impact on society.

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Fields is no stranger to adversity, in fact, he welcomes it. It fuels him. Aside from his father, Ivant Fields, it might just be Justin’s best possible motivator.

Early Adversity

Diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of nine, it had to be pretty clear to Fields that he would have to face different challenges and pressures than his peers. 

Not many of his classmates would have to shoulder the burden of carrying an entire high school’s championship hopes, and then Ohio State University’s, and now with the Chicago Bears, he has the task of bringing a historically successful franchise that’s been mired in mediocrity for decades back to relevancy. 

It’s hard to imagine that the number two quarterback in the country in the class of 2018 would know what it means to struggle, but ever since his senior year of high school, it seems that he’s been chasing Trevor Lawrence, and he’s been losing ground. 

Both played high school ball in Georgia, so Lawrence’s accolades and accomplishments were never too far away from Fields’s view. 

College Highs and Lows

While Justin went on to become a star quarterback in his own right with the Ohio State Buckeyes, it’s an objective fact that Lawrence had the better career with the Clemson Tigers. 

Lawrence would go on to lead Clemson to two College Football Championship games, capturing one national title for Clemson in 2018, as he slung the ball all the way up to the top of the 2021 NFL Draft class. 

Meanwhile, Fields would go on to experience great highs and lows in his college career, including a transfer from the University of Georgia after losing his starting slot to Jake Fromm, before finding his home with Ohio State. 

Fields led the Buckeyes all the way to a title matchup against the daunted Alabama Crimson Tide, where they were blown out, 52-24. 

Ending his college career on a sour note, things would get worse for Fields in the draft, as he fell all the way to the 11th pick, having to watch three quarterbacks go before him in Trey Lance, Zach Wilson, and, of course, Trevor Lawrence.

Made Hospitalized Fan’s Day with Personalized Video Message

Justin Fields is an incredible person thread on Reddit

A user on Reddit recently posted a thread named “Justin Fields is an incredible person”. The user’s niece, whose identity remains anonymous for privacy reasons, has been enduring a prolonged hospital stay, making everyday activities a struggle.

Despite the hardships, the young girl’s unwavering love for the Chicago Bears and her favorite player, Justin Fields, served as a source of solace. 

Eager to uplift her spirits, a family friend with connections to the Bears organization reached out to request an autographed ball from Fields. 

However, what unfolded surpassed all expectations. In just a matter of days, the family friend shared an email titled message for Vanessa (a pseudonym used to protect the fan’s privacy), containing a link to a video clip

To their astonishment, the video featured none other than Justin Fields himself, addressing the young fan by name and expressing his heartfelt appreciation for her unwavering support. 

Fields encouraged her to remain resilient and assured her that she possessed a strength even greater than his own.

Giving Back to the Chicago Community

In a display of generosity, the Chicago Bears quarterback contributed $10,000 to Special Olympics Illinois

His contribution was made during Dunkin’ Donuts’ 20th Annual Cop On A Rooftop fundraiser in the Chicago area on May 19, 2023. Fields expressed that his foundation aims to support the growth and development of young individuals.

In 2022, Justin Fields also took the time to visit Breakthrough Urban Ministries located in the East Garfield Park neighborhood. During his visit, he engaged in meaningful conversations with over 20 young students, sharing valuable insights from his own life experiences.

What’s next for Justin Fields?

Every time Fields comes up short, he comes out of that shortcoming better. He’s already become indubitably a better quarterback than Trey Lance and Zach Wilson, two of the three quarterbacks taken ahead of him in the draft. 

As he markedly improved in his second season as a passer for the Chicago Bears, his team limped through a three-win campaign, as he watched his rival, Trevor Lawrence, lead the Jacksonville Jaguars to a playoff victory in just his second year. 

Clearly, there’s still plenty of adversity ahead of Fields, meaning there’s more than enough motivation for him to get even better. Question is, how many more times will Fields come up short again before he reaches the top?

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