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Chicago Fire FC: The Forgotten Chicago Sports Franchise

Chicago, a city steeped in sports history and renowned for its championship pedigree, has consistently produced formidable teams in various major sports - basketball, football, and hockey. However, there is one franchise that seems to have slipped through the cracks of recognition: the Chicago Fire FC.

Image: IMAGO / Icon Sportswire

Established in 1997, the Fire burst onto the scene with an air of promise and excitement. Their early years in Major League Soccer (MLS) captivated the hearts of Chicago sports enthusiasts, eclipsing the limelight that had long eluded their fellow franchises.

In their inaugural season, the Fire accomplished a remarkable feat by clinching the coveted “double” – a remarkable triumph in both the MLS Cup and the U.S. Open Cup. 

Building upon this initial success, the team secured second-place finishes in the 2000 and 2001 seasons, ultimately ascending to the pinnacle of the league in their sixth campaign. Such a meteoric rise was nothing short of extraordinary for a fledgling team.

Downward turn since 2003

However, since their triumphant moment in 2003, the Fire’s fortunes have taken a downward turn, plunging them into an extended period of mediocrity. Over the past eight seasons, the team has consistently languished in 20th place or worse, struggling to find their footing amidst a barrage of disappointments. 

Failing to score goals, conceding too many, and lacking star power – these shortcomings have contributed to their overall underperformance.

Regrettably, the Chicago sports landscape seems to have turned a blind eye to their professional soccer franchise, relegating it to the sidelines of recognition. Even this year, the team’s campaign has been marred by a mere three victories, against eight losses and six draws

Their tally of 17 points from 17 games this season further highlights their arduous journey.

Parting ways with Head Coach Ezra Hendrickson

Recently, the Fire made the decision to part ways with their Head Coach, Ezra Hendrickson, as Frank Klopas takes the helm. Yet, the new leadership has yet to catalyze the desired improvement. 

Furthermore, the team has suffered another blow with the imminent departure of Shaun Maloney, their marquee signing of the offseason, who is on the verge of joining England’s Championship side, Hull City. Such developments have further compounded the challenges faced by this already depleted squad.

However, within this narrative of struggle and overlooked potential lies an opportunity for the Chicago Fire FC to reignite its legacy. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the team can channel its past glories and rally behind the fervent support of its loyal fans. 

With determination and perseverance, they can aspire to reclaim their position among Chicago’s illustrious sporting pantheon, ensuring that the Fire’s name burns bright once again.

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