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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Betting Same Game Premade Parlays at Illinois Sportsbooks

Illinois sports bettors have literally 1000s of betting markets to choose from. Gaining popularity is the same game-premade parlay markets offered by proprietors such as Fanduel.

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Same game premade parlays are correlated wagers where the sports bettor can stake a bet on a premade ticket provided by the Illinois online sportsbook.

The Steve Brubaker Test

Steve Brubaker is an Illinois Harness Racing Lobbyist and mobile gambling analyst on day 45 of an unscientific process – He planned to find out why 40% of the online handle at FanDuel came from their homepage.

Steve stumbled across the premade parlay markets offered by the sportsbook giant and is now 1-44 through day 45 of his test:

Brubaker has done a good thing in his endeavor and proves some things all professional gamblers already know that will benefit the player wishing to wager on premade parlays.

Common Mistakes to Avoid for Same Game Premade Parlays

Sports betting analyst Phil Naessens shares some common mistakes Illinois sports bettors make when wagering on same game premade parlays.

1. Poor Money Management

The odds and the subsequent payout can be quite a lure, but as the Illinois sports bettor will soon come to understand, the odds aren’t in the Prairie State sports bettors’ favor, and risking more than 0.01% of the bankroll is more than enough to stake on an SGP premade parlay.

2. Failing to Consider the True Odds and Implied Probability of a Premade Parlay

Fanduel Illinois offered this premade parlay for a Tuesday night matchup between the Milwaukee Bucks and Orlando Magic:


A standard six-team parlay at -110 would pay $484, but the same $10 bet on the Fanduel pregame ticket pays less than half of what it typically should, yet at the same risk and same chance or implied probability of actually winning.

3. Failing to Research each Leg of the Parlay

Failing to research each leg of a wager for a premade parlay is a recipe for disaster. There isn’t a successful sports bettor alive who doesn’t thoroughly research each play before they stake a bet, and neither should the Illinois sports bettor.

In the example above, Antetokounmpo is required to score a minimum of 30 points for the leg to cash–a little bit of research shows Fanduel offers far fewer odds on the premade ticket (-150) than it does for the standard prop market of Antetokounmpo to score Over 31.5 (-105) or Under 31.5 (-120).

Further research shows Antetokounmpo is hobbled with a knee injury and listed as questionable–if he gets scratched or doesn’t perform well, the entire ticket is a bust.

4. Avoid Handicappers Employed by Sportsbook Proprietors

Most Illinois sportsbooks impose a betting limit on their winning customers. That being said, a sportsbook operator with this business model isn’t likely going to hire someone to offer their customers specific winning picks.

5. Avoid Social Media Touts and Handicappers

Illinois sports bettors have likely seen claims of great betting success on social media apps like Twitter and Instagram.

While some are convincing, a sports bettor understands how difficult it is to win 52.4% of their wagers just to break even, and the anonymous social media tout or handicapper likely isn’t winning 70% of their predictions as they claim.

The great thing about technology is that we can track all of our picks on apps like Betstamp, and if the social media handicapper can’t produce their results via a third-party app such as the one that follows my content.


What is a Same Game Parlay?

A same-game parlay is a wager with two or more “legs” from the same fixed odds sporting event.

What is a Same Game Premade Parlay?

A Same Game Premade Parlay is a wager with two or more picks on the same ticket, and all selections must win for the Illinois bettor to receive a payout.

Are the Payouts for Winning a Same Game Premade Parlay the Same as a Traditional Parlay?

The payouts for winning a same-game premade parlay aren’t the same as a traditional parlay, they are much lower.

Should a Sports Bettor Take Advice from a Social Media Tout?

No, a sports bettor shouldn’t take advice from a social media tout, celebrity, or anyone claiming to be a winning sports bettor or content creator with 3rd party verification.