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Gov. Pritzker Signs Law Allowing Illinois Casinos to Hire Convicted Felons for Non-Gaming Positions

Governor J.B. Pritzker signed a law earlier this month allowing convicted felons to apply for non-gaming jobs at Illinois casinos.

Image: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

The law, Senate Bill 1462, was passed by the Illinois General Assembly in May with the full support of the various labor unions and the Illinois Gaming Board.

What Jobs Can A Convicted Felon Apply For?

Under Bill 1461, convicted felons can apply for any position that doesn’t involve the management of the actual casino games and Illinois sports betting business. These would include jobs such as housekeepers, waitstaff, chefs and cooks, bartenders, bellhops, porters, and dishwashers.

Gaming jobs, such as table game dealers, pit bosses, and slot machine attendants, will still be prohibited from working in gaming positions.

Bill 1461 A Step Forward Towards an Equitable Society

Pritzker said the law is “a step forward in our efforts to create a more just and equitable society.He also said Bill 1462 would give those convicted of a crime who served their time a “second chance at obtaining a good job win an opportunity to rebuild their lives.”

Labor unions supported the law and said it would help fill the hospitality industry’s labor shortage. The Illinois Gaming Board also supports the law, saying that it will not compromise the integrity of the state’s gaming industry.

Illinois is a Top Five Sports Betting State

Since March 2020, Illinois residents have made $24 million in wagers, earning Illinois sportsbooks a combined $1.7 billion in revenue.

Illinois is an ever-expanding sports betting state, and it only makes sense to offer as many opportunities as possible to Prairie State residents.


Bill 1462 is now law and takes effect immediately. Illinois residents with criminal convictions can apply and gain employment in non-gaming positions such as chef, bartender, hotel porter, and dishwasher.

Gaming positions still require a clean record, but casino jobs like waitress or bartender can sometimes pay more than someone in a gaming position with the company.