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Introducing Social & Community Betting in Illinois

Now that sports betting is legal in Illinois, various companies are trying to conquer the marketplace and establish themselves as the go-to bookie. 

Image: BettorEdge / ILbetting.com

While these traditional sportsbooks are taking one another head-on, new forms of betting have emerged that circumvent the traditional systems and take a different approach to sports betting altogether. One such firm is BettorEdge, which is innovating an entirely new approach altogether.

What is BettorEdge?

BettorEdge is an online community and social betting marketplace that offers no fee sports betting while streamlining a user’s betting experience through media, analytics, and premium features.

As social betting is a newer concept, it can be thought of as what the consumer is already doing, but in a purpose-built platform. BettorEdge streamlines the behavior across Twitter, Spotify, Betting, Group Chats, Venmo, Excel, and Pick Tracking. Users can support the platform by buying a subscription that provides additional data to help them with their bets.

How does social betting differ from traditional sportsbooks for Illinois residents?

Illinois happens to be one of the few current states that actively passed sports betting legislation in 2019. Consequently, local residents are now able to choose from a variety of licensed Illinois sportsbooks.

While IL locals are now able to partake in sports betting, much of the country is still left with uncertainty and there is no guarantee that retroactive legislation could be pushed that complicates the field of sports betting.

Due to the nature of social betting, which circumvents the idea of putting the bookie against private citizens and instead simply functions as a facilitator of bets between two people, BettorEdge is able to avoid such risks altogether and has managed to guarantee longevity in the field.

BettorEdge commitment to a responsible and charitable charity

Part of why we wish to highlight this site out of many on our platform is its rigorous commitment to charitable causes. The platform has already raised a combined 15,000$ to Chad Greenway’s “Lead the Way” charity and over 10,000$ to the Give16 foundation.

In addition, the site is setting a new standard for responsible gaming, with some of the following features being offered:

  • No fees
  • Price history transparency for odds
  • Instant or 24h withdrawal
  • ID verification
  • Refusing multiple accounts

Where is Illinois sports betting heading; Social, Sportsbook or a bit of both?

BettorEdge offers an intriguing solution to many of the problems faced by traditional betting apps. Their effective commitment to keep gambling fun, responsible and accessible is noticed throughout the platform and the founder’s consistent entrepreneurial profile.

We reckon that the solution is not only a good alternative to traditional sportsbooks, but that both will have their role to play in the future. With social bettings growth being inevitable, we assume it will take a larger role in the casual bets between friends, while big market players will stay as they always did and try to beat the book.

While the concept is relatively new, it could not have come a better time for an emerging market that is hungry for disruption – something that we can with certainty say that Bettoredge provides.