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Week 2 NFL Recap: Justin Fields Faces Continued Adversity

As the primary slate of Week 2 NFL matchups concludes, this week has been marked by a series of compelling events - ranging from unexpected comebacks to remarkable individual performances. While there remain two outstanding games to be played, let's delve into some salient observations regarding quarterback performance in this past week's action.

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Justin Fields’ Struggles Continue

The Chicago Bears have commenced their season with a disappointing 0-2 record, heightening scrutiny on rookie quarterback Justin Fields.

Fields has accumulated 211 and 218 passing yards in his two starts, with a touchdown-to-interception ratio that skews unfavorably towards the latter (two touchdowns, three interceptions).

Compounding these issues, the Bears’ offensive line has permitted 10 sacks over these two games, raising concerns about Fields’ protection and longevity for the remainder of the season.

Joe Burrow’s Calf Injury Raises Concerns for Cincinnati

Joe Burrow’s performance has been less than optimal during the first two weeks, further complicated by a soft-tissue calf injury.

The absence of Burrow from practice and possibly upcoming games could exacerbate Cincinnati’s challenges, potentially relegating the team to the lower echelons of the AFC North standings.

Baker Mayfield Flourishes in Tampa Bay

Former 2018 No. 1 draft pick Baker Mayfield appears to have found a compatible system in Tampa Bay. Mayfield led the Buccaneers to back-to-back victories, including an impressive Week 2 showing where he threw for 317 yards and one touchdown.

Notably, he has yet to commit a turnover and has been sacked only once, indicating commendable offensive line support.

Texans’ Offensive Line: A Causative Factor for Struggles

The Texans entered the season with what was considered one of the league’s strongest offensive lines, but injuries have ravaged this unit. Center Juice Scruggs, right tackle Tytus Howard, and left guard Kenyon Green are all sidelined.

However, rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud has displayed resilience, throwing for 384 yards and two touchdowns despite these challenges.

Giants’ Offense Shows Promise in Comeback

The New York Giants showcased their offensive potential with a remarkable second-half rally against the Arizona Cardinals.

Key performances included Odell Beckham’s deep catches, Darren Waller’s six receptions for 76 yards, and Darius Slayton’s improved statistics compared to Week 1.

Looking Forward to Week 3

In summary, the initial two weeks have provided a mix of outcomes that have fallen short of preseason expectations for several quarterbacks. As the season progresses and injuries begin to heal, some of these teams may emerge as genuine contenders.

Tampa Bay, under Mayfield’s leadership, appears well-positioned for a divisional title in the comparatively weaker AFC South. Conversely, the Bengals and the Giants face uphill battles in their respective divisions, compounded by injuries to key players.

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