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The Par-A-Dice Casino is the most popular gambling and entertainment spot in Illinois. It is located on the Illinois River and also has a hotel. Four decks in the Par-A-Dice casino in Illinois have a European theme. Furthermore, there are various gambling options, such as live poker, table games, electronic games, slots, etc.

Moreover, you can also place bets on sports like MMA, football, tennis, etc. To play online, you can download the BetMGM app in Illinois. There are multiple options for dining, restaurants, and bars where you can enjoy fresh and delicious food.

About Par-A-Dice Casino in Illinois

Par-A-Dice Casino is situated on the Illinois River East Peoria, United States. It was opened back in 1991 in Peoria, Illinois. Then in 1993, it was shifted across the Illinois River (East Peoria). Importantly, it was established by some local inventors. Later on, it was sold to Boyd Gaming.

Par-A-Dice cruised the river ten times a day in its early days, but it was stopped in 1999 due to some official requirement. After 11 years, in 2010, it again got permission to cruise the river in the morning for a few hours.

Par-A-Dice is a ten-minute drive away from the southeast of downtown Peoria. Furthermore, this famous Illinois casino offers you valet parking. The entrance of this facility resembles the casino. Moreover, you will also find a restaurant by the name of "the pavilion." However, to access the casino, you must cross the glass walkway leading to the riverboat.

Par-A-Dice Casino and BetMGM Sportsbook partnership

Par-A-Dice partnered up with BetMGM in Illinois to launch its mobile app and online sportsbook in Illinois. You can download the BetMGM app from the iOS and Android stores, allowing you to place your bets while staying in Illinois.

This partnership is a necessity, particularly when it comes to BetMGM. This is because the licensing and regulation requirements within the state require an online sportsbook in the state of Illinois to have a land-based partner. Without this land-based partner, the online sportsbook will not get a license and cease to operate legally here. Par-A-Dice benefits too, as BetMGM brings an already-in-place setup and sportsbook that can be used within the physical venue as well.

What types of gambling does the Par-A-Dice Casino offer?

Par-A-Dice Casino has something for everyone, whether you are a regular player or a new one. The following are the games on which on can place your bets in this casino:

  • Slots games: There are 930 slots in the casino, encompassing a wide array of game types such as three reel slots and more bonus-based five reel games. Some very popular games are on offer, such as Zeus, The Walking Dead, Blazing 7's, etc. Additionally, there are some high-limit slots are also available at the side, and these are great if you are more of a high roller.
  • Table games: The casino also has 30 table games on offer. While this is not as large a selection as other casinos, it includes a good selection of popular options, including 3-Card poker, mini-baccarat, three roulette variants, craps, and others. The casino opens the table games at 9 in the morning every day, so you can enjoy a long day of playing.
  • Poker: There are five live poker tables too, and this helps to give you that fun Las Vegas vibe. Better still, they all offer a range of table limits and stakes so that you can find a game and a variant that suits your playing budget when you sit down.

Can I bet on sports at the Par-A-Dice Casino?

Yes, you can bet on sports at the Par-A-Dice Casino in Illinois. This is because the casino now operates the BetMGM sportsbook from within its casino as well. Here, you can enjoy playing a wealth of different bets on sporting events from around the world. Some of the bets include parlays, spreads, single bets, and more.

Which sports can I bet on at Par-A-Dice Casino?

There are many sports available at Par-A-Dice Casino for gambling. Excitingly, these sports include everything from professional to collegiate options. Additionally, you can bet on events and sports from around the world, not just those offered domestically.

  • Football: Without a doubt, football is the most popular sport in the country. There are a huge number of different leagues to bet on, but it's the National Football League that draws in the big crowds. Running throughout the year, teams from across the country compete until it boils down to a top two. This is the Super Bowl, and it becomes an impressive spectacle watched around the world. There is a range of bets available, including futures and player props.
  • Basketball: Fast-paced and playing in short quarters, basketball is the ideal game to bet on if you want quick action and results. There are many game or player props as well as strong over/under and totals options. It's also a good option if you want to get into live betting, as things can change quickly.
  • MMA: Skillful and a bit aggressive, MMA or mixed martial arts has gained in popularity in the US in recent years. Specifically, the UFC has gained the most traction here, with a range of fighters, weights, and genders all taking part regularly. Placing a bet on UFC can be very lucrative if you know your stuff. It's also got a ton of media coverage, which means you can keep updated easily on the form of each player, so you can make more informed bets post-match.
  • Soccer: Not as popular here as it is elsewhere in the world, it is, however, slowly becoming more popular in the States. There are some domestic leagues available, particularly in the women's divisions. But the fun begins when you check out the overseas leagues and tournaments. Some of the biggest leagues include the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Champions League, Euros, and the World Cup. Each of these have hundreds of different betting markets available, making soccer one of the sports with the most betting options out there.
  • Tennis: This sport is popular the world over and has numerous events throughout the year. As there are many options, it's possible to get a lot of practice when it comes to accessing players and their form. Some of the bigger events include the ATP World Tour and the four major Grand Slam events, of which the US Open is one.

Par-A-Dice Casino entertainment & cuisine

You can enjoy delicious stakes and seafood in its in-house Boyd's Steakhouse. This five-star restaurant offers you a wide range of stakes and expensive and impressive wines. The next option is

  • Tin Lizard Bar & Grill: This is where you can enjoy yummy sharable, refreshing cocktails, food, and other daily specials. This place is perfect for date nights, get together, and fun night outs. You can also enjoy the local band's music performances.
  • Nelson's Deli: This is perfect if you are in a hurry or in the mood for snacks. It offers fresh sandwiches, burgers, wraps, salads, Panini, coffee, etc.
  • Options Buffet: Here, you can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Furthermore, the food is prepared fresh each day, and the options will spoil you.

Some other options are Rock Bar & Restaurant, Rocks, and Bourbons. The casino also entertains its guest with a live talent show and local performances. You can book a room to stay at its hotel. Furthermore, there is a fitness center, spa, gift shop, and Wi-Fi internet.

Contact & opening hours

Address: 21 Blackjack Boulevard, East Peoria, IL 61611
Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday: 8:00 am to 2:00 am; Friday and Saturday: 8:00 am to 6:00 am
Website: paradicecasino.com
Phone number: +1-309-699-7711


Does the Par-A-Dice Casino have a hotel?

Yes, Par-A-Dice Casino does have a hotel. In fact, it is a five-star hotel located just minutes away from the casino itself. The casino also offers a shuttle bus for easier access to make your stay much better.

Is there parking available at the Par-A-Dice Casino?

Yes, parking is available at Par-Dice Casino. Importantly, the casino caters to a wide variety of vehicles, even allowing overnight RV parking. It's also completely free, ensuring you can come and go whenever you want to.

Who owns Par-A-Dice Casino in Illinois?

Boyd Gaming owns the Par-A-Dice Casino in Illinois. This is a growing company and ensures that you are given nothing but the very best service when you play here. The sportsbook within the casino is owned and operated by BetMGM.

Does Par-A-Dice Casino have off-track betting?

Par-A-Dice Casino does not offer off-track betting. However, you can use the FanDuel sportsbook within the venue itself via the mobile app. This means that you can bet on horse races through at Par-A-Dice Casino through the FanDuel platform.