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What Sports Did Illinois Bettors Wager on Most During June 2023?

Illinois has quickly become one of the top-grossing sports betting handle and revenue states in the country. Prairie State sports bettors spent $666 million on sports betting in June alone, but what sports are fueling this massive sports betting fire?

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Top Five Most Wagered Sports in June

As we previously stated, the Illinois sports betting markets are exploding, and these are the five sports Prairie State bettors enjoyed the most during June.

Pro Baseball

IL residents loved betting on pro baseball in June. The Illinois sportsbooks handled $2.5 million in Major League Baseball, Korean Baseball, and Japanese Baseball. Roughly $2.4 million was wagered online, with the remaining $1 million bet at one of the brick-and-mortar shops.

Casino Queen and partner DraftKings handled the most ($1.3 million), while Penn Entertainment and partner Barstool Sports handled the least amount of pro baseball wagers.

Pro Basketball

The Chicago Bulls might have had a mediocre season, but that didn’t prevent Prairie State basketball bettors from betting on pro basketball. Illinois residents spent $1.8 million on pro basketball wagers during June, betting on the NBA and Euro Basket competitions.

FanDuel IL and partner Fairmount Park took in a state-topping $1.3 million, with Barstool taking in a state low $863.00 in pro basketball wagers.

Pro Tennis

It doesn’t matter who or where the players are or where they are from, June was a strong tennis month for Illinois sports bettors. Prairie State bettors wagered $801,760 on Grand Slam events like the French Open and Wimbledon.

DraftKings handled a state-best $271,458.00, while Barstool brought up the rear, taking just $437 in pro tennis action.

Pro Golf

Pro golf betting is alive and well in Illinois. The state’s nine bookmakers reported taking in $727,045.00 in pro golf wagers during June. Pro golf bettors enjoyed betting on all the various tournaments held across the globe, including the US Open, held in Los Angeles, California.

DraftKings was the top destination for pro golf bettors with $354,324.00 wagered. Meanwhile, Barstool only reported $630 in pro golf wagers during June.

Pro Soccer

Last but certainly not least, Pro Soccer ranked No. 5 amongst Illinois sports bettors in June. The bookmaking companies handled $461,734.00 in pro soccer wagers on events like the FA Cup finals, Euro League Finals, and the FIFA-Under 20’s World Cup.

FanDuel took home June honors, handling $176,603.00 in pro soccer wagers. Unibet and its partner Alton Casino LLC accepted only $392 in pro soccer bets.


June was a strong month but will pale compared to what pro and college football will bring in during September and October. They’ll be joined by pro and college basketball and pro hockey, which should make things interesting during the final months of the fiscal year.