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Illinois sports betting locations

Retail sportsbooks in Illinois offer a dynamic and engaging environment for sports betting enthusiasts. Launched following the state's legalization of sports wagering in 2019, these Illinois sports betting locations are found within casinos, race tracks, and sports venues across the state.

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Retail sportsbooks in Illinois provide a variety of betting options on numerous sports, combining high-tech features with the excitement of live sports, making them popular destinations for both casual and serious bettors.

List of all retail sportsbooks in Illinois

Retail sportsbooks in Illinois offer a diverse range of betting experiences. These facilities are located in various famous land-based casinos, race tracks, and sports venues, catering to a wide audience of sports fans.

As the sector continues to grow, more sportsbooks are planned to open, expanding the variety and reach of sports betting options in the state.

What kind of sports betting locations exist in Illinois?

Illinois offers a variety of sports betting locations, each providing a unique betting experience. The two most common types are casinos and race tracks.


Illinois casinos are popular destinations for sports betting, offering a vibrant atmosphere. They typically feature large screens for watching games and a range of betting options across different sports. Some of the most popular venues in the state include Harrah’s Casino Joliet, Rivers Casino Des Plaines, and Argosy Casino Alton.

Race tracks

At Illinois horse race tracks, patrons primarily bet on horse racing, but sports betting is available too. They offer a thrilling live racing experience combined with the opportunity to place bets on various races. Some of the most notable racetracks in IL include Hawthorne Race Course and Fairmount Park.


Which was the first retail sportsbook to open in IL?

The first retail sportsbook to open in Illinois was Rivers Casino in Des Plaines. It launched its sports betting operations on March 9, 2020, marking the beginning of legal sports betting in the state.

Are there any sports betting locations in Chicago?

The most prominent sports betting location in Chicago is Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, located just outside of the city, which was the first to open a retail sportsbook in Illinois.

How much revenue does sports betting generate in Illinois?

In 2022, the Illinois sports betting handle from January to December exceeded $9.75 billion, with the revenue being about $795 million and the state collecting $128.7 million in taxes for the calendar year​. The figures for 2023 have not been released yet.